Thor The Bengal Cat Is The Most Beautiful Cat On This Planet

I’ve always wanted to own a wild animal but unfortunately, they’re either illegal or too expensive and let’s not forget extremely dangerous. Cats are so great because they’re almost like little tigers or lions, and they’re not dangerous at all, instead, they’re just cuddly and cute. Thor the Bengal Cat is pretty much a mix … Read more

Senior Kitty Finds His Forever Home At 15-Years-Old

At face-value it’s understandable why people and families turn to shelters to adopt puppies and kittens first and foremost but upon a little deeper digging it’s impossible not to see what a tragedy it is how easily humans overlook the value in a senior pet. This rings especially true for senior cats, calm and patient … Read more

Check out why this rescue kitty is the coolest (photos)

Born David Robert Jones, David Bowie was a famous singer-songwriter whose catalogue included some of the greatest songs in rock and roll history. From “Heroes” to “Under Pressure” to “Space Oddity” to “Rebel Rebel,” Bowie’s writing and sound changed music as we knew it, and his androgynous style provided many people who had once been … Read more