Woman Gives Elderly Possum A Place To Stay In Her Garage

Possums aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cute animals.They’re commonly regarded as obnoxious rodents best known for playing dead or being roadkill.Possums, on the other hand, have their own charm, and they can sometimes win people over and make their way into their hearts… and their homes.

In a Reddit post, one man described how a wild possum became an unlikely housemate for his aunt. “This is Hank,” Reddit user damndirtycracker wrote.”My aunt’s garage is home to Hank.He’s very old and has trouble walking, so she makes him a warm place to rest and feeds him lots of treats.”

While many people have tried to get possums out of their garage, Hank has made it his home.She has a large, spacious garage, and the possum has his own secluded area.Because it isn’t connected to the house, she can leave the door open for Hank to come and go as he pleases.

This relationship has been going on for a few years, and Hank appears to be content with having a place to stay and eat cat food.”He’s not tame, but he’s never hissed or appeared scared,” damndirtycracker wrote.”As he got older, he stayed around longer and longer until he just decided to take up residence in the garage.”Although Hank can be a little grumpy, he’s won over by treats: “Moderately grumpy is pretty much his default state until the treats come out, then he’s only slightly annoyed by your existence.”

Possums have short lives, and Hank is already a few years old, but it’s nice that this possum can live a comfortable life while he’s still here.And he’s persuaded the internet that possums can be adorable.Many Reddit commenters said they fell in love with the animal after seeing the photo of him curled up in the garage.

“My first thought when she told me about Hank was definitely not ‘aww,’” damndirtycracker wrote.
“But when I saw him, I knew I’d die for him.”Thank you to this aunt for providing a comfortable home for this elderly animal!It’s a good reminder that even the not-so-cute animals deserve to be loved!

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