Violinist Manager To Practice And Hold Her Kitten At The Same Time

Violinist Manages To Practice And Hold Her Kitten At The Same Time

Meet Rémila, the lovely foster cat that Esther Abrami has.

Their wholesome connection strikes all the right notes.

Abrami is a professional violinist from France, where she tries her best to practice a few hours every day. Unfortunately, Abrami’s passion for playing music came into conflict with the kitten’s favorite pastime.

Rémila, you see, loves to cuddle in her foster mom’s lap — and Abrami typically plays the violin standing up.

Rémila would sob at Abrami’s feet as she rose to rehearse.

She would lie down on my lap as I attempted to practice sitting down, Abrami told The Dodo. But I can’t practice sitting down all the time.

Abrami came up with a brilliant solution to this conundrum to keep them both content.

“I had the idea of having a little bag in which I could put her in and have around my waist,” Abrami said. “Never did I think she would absolutely love hanging in there!”

But as soon as Abrami placed her foster cat into that repurposed fanny pack — now a proper kitten pouch — Rémila happily settled right in.

And now, when Abrami practices violin, Rémila has the coziest seat in the house:

With that, Abrami can play to her heart’s content, much to Rémila’s delight.

“I realized she absolutely loves music! I can literally practice for an hour without her moving from the bag,” she said. “To know she enjoys my music has created a really special bond between us.”

All parties are pleased as a result of Abrami’s solution, but there is one unexpected, albeit cute, minor drawback.

“It definitely makes my practice session more enjoyable, although I sometimes find it hard to concentrate seeing how cute she is sleeping in the bag,” Abrami said.


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