This kitten, once hiding behind a cinder block, transforms dramatically with the help of a loving caretaker.

A stray cat and her kittens were discovered in the yard of a family from Montreal, Canada. One of the kittens was huddled inside a cinder block, one leg protruding. She was really shy and did everything she could to keep hidden.

Stefany and her mother Johanne, two local animal rescuers, saw the family’s cry for aid and instantly replied. The cat mom had transferred all her kittens save the one hiding in the block by the time they arrived.

The mother cat didn’t come back for the scared tiny kitten. When they picked her up, they saw she was nothing but skin and bones.

While they searched for the rest of the feline family, they phoned their local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, to ensure that the kitten got medical attention and had the best chance of finding a loving home.

“Dayze was the name given to her by her rescuers. She was five weeks old at the time, frail and hungry “Love Meow and Chatons Orphelins Montréal collaborated on this project.

That day, they washed the cat up and fed her. Stefany and her mother soon observed that one of her paws was unusually large.
“Due to a malformation in the joint of her paw, Dayze has a bent front leg. We were successful in getting her an appointment with a specialist. For the time being, the little scooter gets the job done and doesn’t disturb her. As she gets older, we’ll keep an eye on her paw.”

The kitty immediately came out of her shell once she realized she was secure. She began to gain weight and develop a personality as a result of good meals and a cozy household. “She transformed into a little diva character in no time.”

Dayze was relocated to her new foster home after she was weaned, where she could mingle with other kittens her age. She quickly made herself at home and began to demand everyone’s attention.

“She likes being in the company of others. She is enthralled with everything and enjoys running about the home as if she owns it.”

Dayze is no longer the fearful kitty they found in the concrete block. She follows her family throughout the home, insisting on being near them and receiving pets and cuddles on demand.

“When she sleeps, she is devoted to her foster mom and wants to come and lie down exactly next to her head,” the rescue told Love Meow.

“She’s grown into a feisty diva who makes her own decisions about what she wants to do and when she wants to do it. She loves playing with other kittens, but she is always in charge.”
Dayze has grown into a self-assured young cat that loves to snuggle. She has boundless energy and will scale everything she can get her hands on. “The cat tree has turned into her own personal fortress.”

The kitty has come a long way and is now looking for her forever home.


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