These photos demonstrate just how far cats will go to keep us from finishing our puzzles. Their silly antics and adorable faces bring joy and laughter to our lives.

Trying to accomplish anything meaningful with your life while caring for a cat is impossible. If they aren’t the center of attention all of the time, they will ruin everything that prevents you from giving them your full attention. It’s just the way a cat’s mind works.

Solving puzzles is a fun way to pass the time and relax. If you have a cat, on the other hand, completing a problem will be your worst nightmare. Even if you are a great master of problem solving.

Cats and puzzles just do not mix; they will do everything in their power to prevent you from completing them. You’ll never be able to put a stop to them…

“With The Last Piece Of A Jigsaw Puzzle, My Cat Is Deeply Asleep. For the past ten minutes, we’ve been looking for it.”

“We Attempted Kitten Proofing The Puzzle, But She Is Resilient”

“You Wanted To Begin A Puzzle, Didn’t You? No, I don’t believe so.”

“I was going to work on my puzzle,” says the narrator.

“We both know that’s not going to happen, hooman,” says the narrator.

“These 3D Puzzles Are Stunningly Realistic”

“I Worked On This Puzzle For A Week”

“I accidentally left my office door open for a minute and heard a crash.”

The ideal location for a snooze.

“When You Have No Choice But To Get Underneath The Puzzle”

“Lucy, my niece’s cat, “assisting” her with her puzzle. She Is The Cutest Little Stinker At Almost A Year Old”

Literally 0 f**ks given

“At our house, there are a lot of puzzles! Toby has discovered that he enjoys doing them as well.”

“So, Peasant, try to finish your puzzle right now.”


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