The Dog Brings Mom Wounded Bird And Waits For Her To Check On It


When Elizabeth Houston’s dog brought her a wounded bird to help him, it was a strange yet heroic event. Charlie, a Pitbull who was rescued by his family two years ago, is renowned for being extremely unique and too loving.

Charlie is so kind that he genuinely cares about the people around him, as seen by his desire to assist a small bird in distress.

He was looking out the window of the perspective at the scenery when he noticed a little bird flying by that smashed against the glass and fell to the ground hurt.

The dog immediately engaged his protective instincts and rushed to the bird’s location to see what had happened to him and to assist him.

According to Elizabeth, who spoke to The Dodo,

He discovered the bird just as it was about to fly into my break room window.


When Charlie noticed the bird wasn’t moving, he carefully picked it up in his mouth and handed it to his mother. He then placed the bird on his lap and stood by her, waiting to see what she would do to assist the animal.


Charlie was quite concerned about the small bird, and he was paying close attention to Elizabeth’s actions, waiting for her to respond.

Elizabeth says:

“All the while, Charlie and my Boston kept a watchful eye on me and the bird.”


The bird eventually reacted after a few minutes and began to squawk, and Charlie’s face changed expression quickly. He was taken aback by the fact that his new acquaintance had awoken and that his loud shouts had drawn everyone’s attention.


Elizabeth added:

Charlie’s expression is just adorable.

The bird was in good health thanks to Charlie’s prompt response, and he looked pleased to have aided the tiny one.


Elizabeth brought the bird into the garden and let it to fly free after making sure it had fully healed from the damage. Charlie remained at his mother’s side during the process, as he needed to be certain that his companion would be able to fly once more.


After watching the bird fall, Charlie was so concerned that he had to make sure his mother provided him with the assistance he need.

Despite the fact that his friend had departed and he was unlikely to see him again, Charlie had the satisfaction of knowing that his heroic effort had aided the young kid.


His family now hopes that by sharing his tale, people will realize how lovely Pitbulls can be.


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