Sneaky Frigde Raiding Cat Is Blind To His Family s Surveillance

Carrot, I’m sorry. Cat is Carrot.

He’s also a little bit sneaky.

Carrot has definitely always been a sneak!” Rachel Zardus, who rescued Carrot as a kitten, told The Dodo. “He is a rambunctious and mischievous little guy.”

Where’s Carrot? Often where you least expect him.

“He’s always doing sneaky stuff — hiding in his tunnel, jumping out at us as we walk through the apartment, playing tag and hide-and-seek — all are some of his favorite games,” Zardus said.

Not long ago, Carrot added a new activity to his long list of sneaky shenanigans.

When Zardus or her boyfriend opened up the fridge to grab something, he’d reach his furry, orange paw through the crack in the door.

Fortunately, Zardus was quick to catch on to Carrot’s latest style of sneak. Though she and her boyfriend always made sure his arm was out of the way when they closed the door, they decided to make a reminder for themselves to be extra safe.

Now, posted prominently on the condiment shelf inside the fridge, is a sign warning of the possible presence of cat paws.

Thanks to the sign, there haven’t been any accidents.

And Carrot gets to carry on believing that his paw-in-the-fridge routine still comes as a surprise.

As a long-term solution, especially for guests unacquainted with Carrot’s sneaky ways, Zardus is considering ways to seal the gap in the door permanently. In the meantime, she and her boyfriend are letting Carrot think they haven’t yet caught on to him.

“We pretty much know he’s going to because he is in the kitchen with us and in play mode,” Zardus said. “He’s reaching for us to play. It’s a game to him.”


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