Rescued from the streets, this cat was born with only two legs but won the heart of a woman with its hopping ability

In a heartwarming tale of resilience and determination, a remarkable feline has captured the affection of a compassionate woman after being rescued from the unforgiving streets. This extraordinary cat, born with only two legs, has defied all odds and melted hearts with its awe-inspiring hopping ability

A ginger cat was found on the side of the road, wandering around like a tiny kangaroo.

When he was brought to the shelter, staff immediately noticed that he was missing both of his front legs.

A ginger cat was found on the side of the road, wandering around like a tiny kangaroo.

When he was brought to the shelter, staff immediately noticed that he was missing both of his front legs.

Joey Roo the cat came to the Humane Society in Tucson, Arizona, in search of a loving home. The ginger boy was born without his front legs due to a congenital deformity known as radial dysplasia. He has one claw that formed on the end of one of his nubs.

Cortney heard about the kitten’s plight (formerly named Bradley) through the shelter. When she went to meet him, the sweet kitty quickly hopped his way into her heart.

“Second night home he managed to find his way into the trash can. He can jump surprisingly high for a cat with no front feet!”

Despite his deformity, Joey lets nothing slow him down and is extremely affectionate.

“He gets along well with everyone he meets as well as any foster dogs or cats that come into the house. He absolutely loves to get attention and be held and pet,” Cortney told.

Joey makes sure that his mom is never alone and will curl up in her lap to keep her company.

“He doesn’t let his deformity stop him at all. I have a 6-foot cat tree that he goes all the way to the top and back down on,” Cortney added.

Joey loves lounging on his chair while supervising everyone in the house.

The ginger boy can get on and off his chairs just like other cats. He’s nimble and agile despite having only two legs.

It’s been five years since Joey found his loving home.

He’s met many furry friends and even helped foster rescue animals like him. Joey is a happy little guy with so much to give.


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