Meet The Inseparable Champy The Horse and Morris The Cat Who Have Been Best Friends For Over 7 Years

Life is very unpredictable. You find the best of companions in the most unique of beings. Could be anything of anyone, there are no criteria defined as to what can keep who happy, and for how long. Our world is very dynamic and companionship is very important to survive nowadays. And no, I am not just talking about us humans, this goes for every living being.

Animals as well. We’ve seen many unusual parings among animals as well. A deer caring for cubs, the classic dog, and a cat, and the list goes on. I have an article in which there’s a happy family of 7 animals; 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 ducks, and they were legit inseparable.

Well, today I’ve got something similar for you guys. No one would have imagined these two animals to be living together like best friends forever. This is the story of a cat and a horse. Yes, you can read that statement again because even I was surprised when I first got to know about this. The cat and the horse are inseparable and love each other to bits.

Champy the horse and Morris the cat, the two best friends, were first introduced to one another over 7 years ago. Scroll down below to know how it all gelled up for these two.

Meet the inseparable BFFs. Champy the gorgeous brown horse and a majestic black Morris the cat.

Morris the cat was adopted by his owner Jennifer from an animal shelter in Australia.

Sharing the amazing story of Champy and Morris with Bored Panda, Boyle said, “I went into an animal shelter one day and Morris was sitting in a cage staring at me, he wouldn’t take his eyes off me, I was his chosen human. He was born at the shelter and was about 9 months old when I took him home.”

“I still can’t believe no one wanted him, he’s the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet. I already had Champy who was about 12 months old.”

They look so adorable together. Love really goes come in all shapes and sizes. And that applies in literal terns, in this case. It seems as though the kitty has to do a little bit of hard work for the snuggles because of the obvious size difference. But, I don’t think that Morris considers it a problem and loves to stay around his big buddy Champy.

“I introduced them and Champy instantly fell in love with Morris and knew they’d be best friends.”, added Jennifer.

“Morris, however, took a few days to convince probably because of Champy’s size but after a few days of Champy hanging out with him, and not taking no for an answer Morris jumped up on his back and they’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Of course, the cat was going to feel a little insecure at first because of the obvious differences. But they are stronger than you think. They love to take on anything and actually love adventures.

And this new journey with Champy the horse was definitely gonna be one hell of an adventure.

Jennifer Boyle further shared, “Although Morris often goes riding they also love grooming each other, catnapping together, drinking from the horse trough together, and lots of smooching and being silly together. One of the most commonly asked questions I get is how does Morris jumps onto Champy? Typically it’s via a fence post that’s been nicknamed the bus stop.”

And this is how Morris mounts the bus stop.

Success! Look at cute Morris sitting on it’s throne. Or should I say ‘bus stop’.

Mama Jennifer decided to tell the world about this unusual duo and they caught a lot of attention. Champy and Morris have an Instagram account as well.

The duo has got over 40,000 followers on Instagram.

“Champy and Morris love knowing we’re helping other rescue animals have a better life.”, said their Momma.

And wanna know the best thing? They love napping together…

Ever seen a perfect couple? I mean, we do have our imperfections. And we’ve always learned that nothing is perfect, but after knowing such an unusual couple like this one exists, that too with such great connection makes me believe that yes, perfection does exist.  And those tiny imperfections? They make the whole experience even better.

A happy family!

I wish Jennifer all the best and I wish Champy and Morris a happy forever life. Forever and ever.

How amused do you guys feel after this one? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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