Meet. Copper! Copper is a 1 very tiny bebe that was found at a barn with his brother. They were crying loudly and both had eye infections, so it was safe to assume mom had skipped town

Meet…Copper! Copper is a very cute cat and tiny bebe that was found at a barn with his brother. They were crying loudly and both had eye infections, so it was safe to assume mom had skipped town.

Copper is a little special because he is only half the size and weight of his brother. He is about the weight I would expect for a newborn kitten, despite being at around 2 weeks old. I was incredibly concerned upon first seeing them, but he has been a great eater and is overall healthy otherwise.

I am already obsessed with little thing and am excited to post updates on his progress! If his size continues to stay below-average, we will explore further but I am betting he will catch up.

Copper kitten got to chug his formula today to the sounds of birds! I leave background noise for the older kittens every time I leave for work. They like a variety of classical music, thunderstorms, and birds, and ocean waves each week!

Our extra smol boy, Copper, has been getting so much attention that Silver never got his proper introduction! Silver is Copper’s normal-sized brother. He’s got the bluest eyes and little white whiskers. He purrs after every meal. He’s got tiny lil teeth coming in. Basically perfect in every way, what else can I tell you?

Fun fact: all kittens are born with blue eyes—they will eventually change transform to their adult color. We’ve got about 2 more weeks of Silver’s baby blue eyes, so enjoy them while you can!

The face of a kitten who has decided he doesn’t want the bottle and also doesn’t want wet food. We are officially in The Awkward Stage™. Time to use those new tiny teeth of yours, Copper!

There’s always the one kitten who figures out how to escape the playpen first! Hats off to you, Silver! Look how proud he is. Now I have to reinforce with zip ties and double-stacked panels.


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