Kitten with Def.or.med Paws Overcomes Obstacles with Support from Feline Mother

They were transported to Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals where a foster family was awaiting them. “Momma Calliope and her kittens were flown over to Oregon and they came to my home,” Angela, Foster Mom told.

“Dove was the tiniest kitten out of the five and her twisted legs made it hard to defend herself from her siblings when she was nursing.”

kitten, sleeping, twisted legs

Dove the kitten with twisted front paws

Angela got right to work and made sure that Dove had plenty of one-on-one time with the cat mom when her siblings were asleep. She needed undisturbed nursing time as she had a lot of growing to do.

With the new feeding arrangement, Dove began to put on weight every day.

kitten, cute, cat mom

Dove cuddling with her cat mom

While the tabby girl was making steady gains, she was also given physical therapy and stretching exercises to help improve her mobility. “I would apply heat and gently massage and stretch her front legs,” Angela shared with Love Meow.

“Dove is super sweet and affectionate. She would sometimes curl up and fall asleep in my hands after a stretching session.”

tiny kitten, wink

Dove has twisted front paws

The kitten is unapologetically determined to do everything just like her siblings. As soon as her litter mates began to venture out of the nest, she insisted on following suit. Despite being a bit slower on her feet, nothing could stop her.

She would inch forward using her front paws and just keep going while Momma Calliope egged her on with her adorable coos and chirps.

kitten, walking, paws

Dove practicing walking

“Mom is a very talkative cat. Sometimes, she even gives little meows of encouragement as Dove learns to walk,” Angela told.

“She is super protective and caring, and will cry if she is separated from her kittens. She will even stop mid-meal to check on them if they call for her. She always makes sure her kittens are clean, happy and fed.”

Calliope encourages Dove to keep going

Watch Dove the kitten as she learns to walk in this cute video:

With regular physical therapy and plenty of TLC, Dove’s front legs appear to be straighter and her range of motion has improved greatly.

palm-sized, cute kitten

Dove the kitten with twisted front paws

“She is now able to walk, run and play just like any other kitten, and she isn’t in pain at all. She may always look a little different and that’s totally okay! She’s a happy girl and enjoys life to the fullest,” Angela shared.

sweet, kitten, paws

Dove the sweet kitten

“It took Dove a little longer to learn how to walk than her siblings, but as she practiced more, her muscles got stronger. She absolutely loves playing and chasing after toys.”

Learning to walk like a champ

Calliope puts her arms around her kitten and gives her a thorough bath after a good exercise.

“Dove has always been a determined kitten. She’s a fighter and doesn’t give up.”

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