Introducing Cat, the split-face kitty who is destined to become your beloved internet animal, captivating you with its unique and endearing appearance.

We’ve had a tough week/month/year/general existence, and sometimes we just need to look at a ridiculously cute animal to get us through it.

Today, that ridiculously cute animal is Cat (yes, that’s her name in English. It’s แมว in Thai), a kitty living in Thailand with her owner, a 27-year-old business owner named Eve.

Cat has caught our attention thanks to her beautiful face markings, which see half of her visage a pale blonde and the other in grey tabby tones.

Eve adopted Cat when she was three months old, back in November 2018, after falling in love with her ‘cute pink nose and tongue’.

Now one year and nine months old, Cat has quite a few quirks.

She loves to hunt cockroaches and play hide and seek with toilet paper – which also happens to be her favourite snack (although Eve won’t let her have too much of it).

Eve says Cat’s best friend is a live cockroach named Peter, who she loves to chase around the house. Yes, it freaks Eve out, but all cat-owners will know that you can’t stop a cat from doing something they love.

‘She loves to play with cockroaches the most cuz they’re bigger than normal insects and can move fast,’ Eve tells Metro.co.uk. ‘Sometime they can fly. I’m scared when they play together.’

Cat is a little nervous around strangers, but she’s confident on Instagram, where she already has thousands of followers.

Give her a follow on Instagram for more cuteness, and do enjoy a load of pictures of Cat’s face below. We all need it right now.


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