Here Are a Bunch Of Pictures Of Cats With Their Cat Dads To Make Your Heart Happy

For some completely bizarre and arbitrary reason, cats are often associated with femineity. There are also weirdly sexist phrases that relate to cats and women; for example, gross men yelling “cat fight” when women fight.

But anyway, this post is about dispelling some of those assumptions and talking about one of my personal favourite things in the whole world: cat dads.There is something so incredibly beautiful about the bond between humans and animals, and in particular, the special bond between men and cats. When they cuddle, it’s like all notions of masculinity disappear and it’s just a soft cuddle between besties.

This cat-dad took his cat outside to see one last sunset before he died

No, I’m not crying it’s just raining.

Waking up to this view is the dream

Simon insists on being held constantly

So his cad-dad, Cliff, made him a sling so he could work interrupted.

This dad found a kitten crying outside and took it in for some love

Cat blanket > regular blanket

This cat dad comforting the cat after he had a hard day!

This cat who likes to help its dad, no matter what!

This bond between a 20-year-old cat and its 70-year-old dad

This kitten backpacking with its dad!

Everyone knows cats LOVE body warmth

This cat-dad who likes to hold hands with the cat

Big hugs!

Cats LOVE photoshoots


This cat has cerebral palsy but his dad loves him just the same!

This cat-dad who “doesn’t like cats”

What an aesthetically pleasing pair

The only kind of fur-fashion I support

Cat nap

This rescue cat who wasn’t fully weaned. He only drinks if his dad holds the cup.

A cat-dad about to become a human-dad. Or a dad to a human, anyway.



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