Grateful for adopting her, the cat every morning brings slippers to her owner

When you read this touching story, then involuntarily tears well up in your eyes. How grateful pets can be to those people who were able to love them and accept them into their families.

10-year-old cat Lulu has lived in a shelter for more than a year. Due to kidney problems, no one wanted to take her away. But once Lulu liked a woman who came with her daughter to choose a kitten for her.

So the unfortunate cat got a new home, in which she was surrounded by care and love.

As a token of gratitude, the mustachioed pet began to bring home shoes to her owner every morning. First, the cat brings one boot in its teeth, then goes down to the first floor, takes the second one in its teeth and drags it up the huge stairs.

When Lulu reaches the bed, she meows so funnily, as if she is saying: “Here are your shoes, take them.”

The woman was very surprised when she saw this picture for the first time because no one taught the animal this. The next morning, the story repeated itself, and then the cat began to constantly bring shoes in her teeth. The owner thanks to her fluffy pet every time for her diligence.

Lulu was unspeakably lucky to have a family at such a venerable age. The owner not only takes care of her but also monitors her health. Once a month, the woman takes the cat to the veterinarian, who checks the functioning of the animal’s kidneys.

Happy Lulu did not find a better way to thank her owner than to bring home slippers to her in the morning. Here they are cats, wonderful and intelligent animals that delight their owners.
Source: https://cute-stories.com/grateful-for-adopting


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