Family Dog Adopts Kitten And Becomes Her Nurturing Guardian

A family dog took a tiny kitten under her wing and decided to care for her as her own.

Emma from Yorkshire, United Kingdom began to search for a new pet for her family a couple of months ago. Her 13-year-old dog Maggie was yearning for a friend.

“I had another dog but sadly she passed away 18 months ago. it was very difficult for me and Maggie grieving for her,” Emma told. “I decided recently, after actually having a dream about it, that a cat friend would be a great addition to our family.”

She later came across a little calico named Minnie and fell head over heels for the kitten. The little one had the same colors and markings as Maggie the family dog.

calico kitten, cute

Minnie the kitten came home with Emma two months ago. She was introduced to her new canine friend who was instantly smitten with her. Maggie took to the little newcomer right away and was eager to look after her.

The calico, on the other hand, was a bit shy and unsure as she had never met a dog before, but Maggie’s sweet temperament quickly calmed her. Before they knew it, the little feline was nuzzling her way into Maggie’s coat as if they had always been friends.

calico kitten, cute, dog

Since the kitten arrived, Maggie has been more lively and maternal. She hovers over the kitten everywhere she goes and won’t let her out of eyeshot.

“I think Maggie almost thinks she is Minnie’s mum, and they look so alike with their colors and markings,” Emma shared.

dog, cat, cute kitten, calico

Minnie is a little mischief-maker. She likes to play with Maggie’s tail, pounce on her whenever she is not looking, or sneak-attack her from behind. Sweet Maggie doesn’t mind all her antics and is always there when the kitten needs a cuddle.

Now that they have spent weeks together, Minnie has started to pick up some canine skills from her most trusted mentor, Maggie.

dog, cute cat, kitten

“Minnie looks up to Maggie and has started copying her. Perhaps, she thinks she is a puppy,” Emma said.

When the smart little calico figured out that Maggie gets to take a walk outside every day, she insisted on tagging along.

best friends, dog, cat, cute kitten



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