Dog ‘Rings’ The Doorbell To Get Back In After Escaping The House

Have you ever wondered how your pets would communicate with you if they could? Well, one clever dog named Chika has figured out a way to get her owner’s attention when she’s accidentally left outside. This smart pup has learned to ring the doorbell to let her family know she’s ready to come back inside!

Chika, a Labrador Retriever mix, lives with her family in McDonough, Georgia. One night, her owners accidentally left her outside when they went to bed.

Instead of barking or scratching at the door, Chika decided to take matters into her own paws. She approached the front door and used her nose to ring the doorbell, alerting her family that she was still outside.

The entire incident was caught on the family’s doorbell camera, which they later shared on social media. The video quickly went viral, with people all over the world praising Chika for her intelligence and resourcefulness. In the video,

you can see Chika patiently waiting by the door after ringing the doorbell, confident that her family will soon let her in.

Chika’s owner, Robert Fox, was surprised to see his dog’s newfound skill. He told local news outlets that he had no idea Chika knew how to ring the doorbell. “I was shocked,” he said. “I didn’t know she could do that.” Fox believes that Chika must have seen her family members using the doorbell and decided to give it a try herself.

This isn’t the first time a dog has been caught on camera using a doorbell. In 2018, a dog named Marshall made headlines when he rang his neighbor’s doorbell after getting lost. Marshall’s owner had accidentally left the gate open, and the dog wandered off. When he couldn’t find his way back home, he went to a neighbor’s house and rang their doorbell for help.

These stories serve as a reminder of just how intelligent and resourceful our canine companions can be. Dogs are known for their ability to learn and adapt to their environment, and Chika’s doorbell-ringing skills are a perfect example of this.

It’s also a testament to the strong bond between dogs and their owners, as Chika knew that ringing the doorbell would bring her family to her rescue.

So, the next time you accidentally leave your dog outside, don’t be surprised if they find a creative way to let you know they’re ready to come back in. And if you’re lucky, you might just have a doorbell-ringing dog like Chika to make sure you never forget them outside again!

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This Dog Walked 166 Miles Across Sea Ice—and Made It Back Home

Nanuq, a one-year-old Australian shepherd, went on an epic adventure across the Bering Sea before he was miraculously reunited with his family

After trekking 166 miles across the frozen Bering Sea, a one-year-old Australian shepherd is back home safe in Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

Nanuq, whose name means “polar bear” in the Siberian Yupik language, was missing for a month before the power of social media reunited him with his family. The dog’s owner, Mandy Iworrigan, lives in Gambell, a small community on Saint Lawrence Island, which is located approximately 80 miles off mainland Alaska’s west coast. Iworrigan told the Anchorage Daily News that she and her children were visiting a different community on the island when Nanuq and another family dog named Starlight disappeared.

Iworrigan’s children found Starlight in the town of Savoonga—36 miles away from home—a couple of weeks later.

“My girls went to go play [outside], and they said, ‘mom, mom, mom—there’s a dog that looks like Starlight,’” Iworrigan said. “I was like, ‘Stop the snowmachine! Starlight! What are you doing in Savoonga?’”

An Australian shepherd with black, brown, and white fur sitting in the snow.

A week after Starlight came home, Iworrigan learned Nanuq may have traveled even farther. Her dad told her that someone in a Facebook group reported seeing a dog who looked like Nanuq in the tiny town of Wales, which is located on mainland Alaska’s Seward Peninsula. As the Anchorage Daily News reports, Wales is a 166-mile straight shot from Gambell over floating sea ice plates.

“I have no idea why he ended up in Wales. Maybe the ice shifted while he was hunting,” Iworrigan told the newspaper. “I’m pretty sure he ate leftovers of seal or caught a seal. Probably birds, too. He eats our Native foods. He’s smart.”

The journey to get Nanuq back to Gambell was its own adventure. A brother and sister in Wales took the dog into their home for a few days. Iworrigan used her airline points to hop on a charter plane that was transporting student athletes for a Native Youth Olympics tournament. A local teacher lent Iworrigan a crate for Nanuq to travel in. Iworrigan and Nanuq finally landed in Savoonga on Thursday, April 6.

The pup is in good health, except for two large bite marks on one of his legs.

“Wolverine, seal, small nanuq, we don’t know, because it’s like a really big bite,” she said, using the Siberian Yupik word for “polar bear.”

Of course, only Nanuq and Starlight know what they were up to during those weeks out in the wild.

“If dogs could talk, both of them would have one heck of a story,” Iworrigan said.



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