Dog Adopts Two Adorable Lion Cubs Who Were Rejected By Their Mother

A dog’s mother instinct allowed her to take her role to another level, helping two lion cubs who were rejected by their own mother.

On September 18, 2020, officials at the White Lion Park located in Vladivostok, Russia welcomed two lion cubs, one male and one female, from the white lioness named Sirona.

However, after a short time, the officials noticed that Sirona began to reject her puppies and did not feed them.

Concerned about the health of the children, the officials decided to find a solution.

“We decided to find a way for a female dog to feed the puppies, since the little ones became extremely emaciated and dehydrated,” said a post from the park on her Instagram account.

“Sirona, as we did not expect, did not turn out to be a good mother. We are very sad, but despite our emotions, we now have two more beautiful lion cubs to care for and bring up to date.”

Help in time!

One family that found out about the puppies’ situation offered their 8-year-old German Shepherd named Sandra, who had only one pup.

According to the officials of the wild cat park, female lion milk is the most suitable for lion cubs, it contains all the necessary components for their normal development.

On September 23, Sandra arrived at the park with her owners, and naturally began to care for the babies.

“Our two abandoned puppies were adopted by a dog! This is a unique case when a representative of one animal species takes the cubs of another species, especially wild ones,” park officials shared in another post.

Fortunately, after a short time the condition of the babies, who were named Vector and Sandra, stabilized.

Video credit: White Lion Par , Vladivostok, Russia

Sandra the dog fed and cared for lion cubs for a while, until they were old enough to eat meat.

Now they are healthy and spend the day with the rest of the pack.

Nearly extinct white lion

The white lion is one of the rares species on the planet. Their genetics have always been in that of normal lions, but because it is a recessive gene, it is very rare for this type of lion to appear.

They are incredibly beautiful cats. In the wild they could not survive alone for a long time, since due to their white fur, they do not have the indicated camouflage that allows normal lions to hunt without any problem.

Today, only about 300 white lions live in the world. In the “León Blanco” park there are three white lionesses: Sirona, Taya and Luna.


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