Despite being neglected and losing her eyes, a Persian cat has become a TikTok sensation with videos showcasing her ability to navigate through life

A feline named Moet has garnered attention on TikTok after suffering from blindness due to neglect while living on the streets of Oman. Being a Persian cat of eight years, she had to undergo an operation to remove her eyeballs as a kitten since she didn’t have access to necessities like food, water and a secure place to rest. She was discovered in a filthy cage with only a litter box to lie on.

Moet, an eight-year-old Persian cat, pictured, had her eyeballs removed as a kitten after living on the streets of Oman without food, water and a safe place to sleep, which led to the deterioration of her vision

In 2015, a local charity rescued a cat that was later adopted by Emily Shotter from Nottingham. Emily had only gone to get food supplies for her other cat when she saw the rescued feline. The cat, named Moet,

has since become famous worldwide due to videos of her being petted and leaving gifts for Emily. These videos have been viewed millions of times. Moet now lives in a happy and loving home.

But since being welcomed into a loving home with Emily Shotter, 51, Moet has found worldwide fame, with her other videos showing her being stroked and leaving gifts for owner Emily, viewed millions of times

Moet the cat became an overnight sensation after her owner shared videos of her on TikTok. What made her stand out was her unique high-pitched meow

. In a recent clip, Moet was filmed roaming around the apartment at 3am and letting out soft cries. The owner, Emily, often gets disturbed by Moet in the middle of the night, so she decided to record her furry friend and added the soundtrack from the popular movie Titanic before posting it online.

Moet was found in a dirty cage and just a litter box to lie on when a local charity rescued her in 2015

The eight-year-old cat was adopted just weeks after, by Emily Shotter, 51, from Nottingham

The video garnered a whopping 17 million views and an impressive 2.9 million likes. People were absolutely smitten with the adorable content, with one user even commenting that it was the “cutest thing in the whole world.” Another viewer was moved to tears, exclaiming that the baby in the clip was beautiful and they would willingly give their own eyes to her.

After sharing clips of Moet on TikTok, the moggy went viral thanks to her trademark squeaky meow and cute quirks like lying in her mother's fruit bowl

One individual expressed their lack of emotional stability for the situation, while another viewer admitted to feeling emotional just from watching the video of the kitten. A different person empathized with the owner’s distress and offered to give their eyes to the kitten if it meant helping in any way possible. The heart-wrenching scene stirred up a lot of emotions and love towards the adorable animal.

Pictured catching her prey even without sight on her side, Moet has gone on to find internet stardom

Owner Emily taking sweet videos of her kitty has managed to rack up over 636,000 followers

Emily, the owner of Moet, a Persian cat, found internet fame through TikTok, with over 636,000 followers. Emily originally sought a companion for her other rescued cat and came across Moet. Although hesitant at first, Emily was eventually convinced to meet Moet and was surprised by how confident she was when walking around the vet’s room.

In her most recent video, the pet is seen walking about the flat at 3am while softly wailing. With Moet routinely waking her up in the middle of the night, Emily decided to film the white furry moggy earlier this week before uploading it online with the Titanic film soundtrack

Initially, I had doubts about adopting a blind cat. I assumed they would have difficulty moving around and be reserved and lethargic. However, my assumption was completely off the mark! The moment I approached her, she greeted me with a loud purr, and when I petted her, she joyfully turned over for belly rubs. I was instantly smitten.

Now that Moet is a part of my family, along with three other rescue cats, I can confidently say that owning a blind cat is not much different from owning any other cat. In fact, I highly encourage others to give adoption a chance, even if they may have preconceived notions about disabled pets. Let’s open our hearts and homes to these furry friends in need!

Owner Emily explained that when she went into the local charity to pick up some supplies, but happened to have been looking for a companion for her other cat who she had also rescued, when she met Persian kitty Moet

An online store owned by an eight-year-old pet called Moet donates all its profits to Omani Paws. The organization is dedicated to rescuing animals since there is no animal welfare legislation in Oman and the government provides no funding or support. Despite being a sweet girl, Moet easily gets bored due to her inability to see.

Her owner, Emily, ensures that she receives regular environmental enrichment and playtime. Although Moet wakes Emily up early, she often sleeps for several hours during the day but lets Emily know when she’s hungry or bored.

Emily, 51, said it 'surprised' her how confidently Moet was walking around the room at the vets

Moet, the cat, has a charming personality that includes a touch of sassiness. Surprisingly, taking care of them is hassle-free, and they make lovely and affectionate family members. Additionally, looking after a ‘differently abled’ pet like Moet teaches one about their unique abilities and selflessness.

The owner from Nottingham said: 'I had no idea what to expect from a blind cat but thought they'd be unable to navigate their surroundings and be withdrawn and subdued. How wrong I was!'

Moet’s social media presence holds great significance for us. It serves the purpose of highlighting the exceptional nature of blind cats, hoping that more people would adopt them. Additionally, it draws attention to the difficult situation faced by animals in Oman and provides a platform for assisting other animals in need. Emily is collaborating with an animal rescue organization to aid in fundraising efforts. She spends her time volunteering at Omani Paws, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals.

Moet is said to get bored easily as she can't see so requires lots of playing and 'environmental enrichment' in order to keep her entertained

Moet also has an online store which donates 100% of the profits to Omani Paws who work to help rescue animals, as there is no animal welfare legislation in Oman

It’s quite challenging to provide proper animal care in Oman as there is no animal welfare law or government funding. To help out, Moet’s online store gives away 100% of its profits to the group. Additionally, I try my best to donate items to sell and collect funds too.


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