Despite being born with two faces, a courageous kitten finds a caring family to help her survive and thrive.

Kyla King and her family from Albany, Oregon, have been caring for stray cats that have made their home in their barn. One of the cats was expecting a baby. Kyla made up a kennel for the expecting cat mom as her due date approached.

Kyla went to check on the tabby cat on Wednesday morning and found a litter of new kittens. As she checked each kitten separately, she was taken aback by what she discovered: one of the kittens has two little faces.

Kyla King and her family in Albany, Oregon, have been caring for stray cats who have established their home in their barn. One of the cats was in the process of becoming a mother. Kyla made up a kennel for the expecting cat mom as she was approaching her due date.

Kyla looked on the tabby cat on Wednesday morning and saw a litter of fresh kittens. One of the kittens had two tiny faces, she found as she inspected them one by one.

“He was the final kitten I saw, and from the rear, he appeared to be the same as the others. The head didn’t appear to be particularly large until I looked closer and was taken aback by the two faces “Love Meow was informed by the King family.

The family asked help from their veterinarian for Biscuits and Gravy, the cat they had named. Kyla began bottle feeding the baby around the clock since he was having difficulties breastfeeding. She wanted to make sure he had enough nutrition for his development.

Baby Biscuits is made up of two mouths, two eyes, and two ears. “Because Biscuits has cleft palates, feeding him may be difficult,” Kyla explained. “I have to put a small drop in his mouth at a time, one by one, so he can drink it.”

Kyla feeds the cat with one mouth and then the other to assist him get the most out of his food. The kitten has demonstrated a strong will to live. He is suckling with one mouth and meowing with the other.

“I’ve been trying to feed him,” Kyla said, “and I’m going to do the best I can.”

Biscuits was born with diprosopus, a congenital illness. Janus Cats are cats who have this unusual genetic condition. Frankenlouie, the longest-living Janus cat, survived for 15 years. Duo, a two-faced miracle cat who found her permanent home last Thanksgiving and is now over 11 months old, is another two-faced miracle cat.

Biscuits’ cat mother is interested in caring for the kitten. Kyla is giving him additional hugs and TLC to help him thrive, and the King family has provided him a fake mom to snuggle with.

So far, the miraculous kitten is doing well. They have no idea how long he will survive, but they are doing everything they can to make sure he is loved and cared for.

Despite having two faces, the little tabby is as active and friendly as his brothers.

“Biscuits are unquestionably a gift to us. We’re doing all we can to help the beautiful little guy, and he’s a warrior.”


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