Cross Eyed Kitty Found His Way From Roaming The Streets To Living The Best Life

A sweet cross-eyed kitty eventually figured out how to get off the streets, and today he lives happily with a family that provides him with lots of love and care.

Every day, Biglou, a friendly cross-eyed homeless cat, roamed the streets of Montreal, Canada. A caring local noticed him walking the streets and decided to take him home with

other abandoned animals, but she soon found herself in need of assistance.

As a result, the woman relocated Biglou to an animal shelter, where she hoped he would be adopted permanently.

The strangest part about Biglou’s cage was that anytime someone walked by, the cat began feverishly attempting to catch their attention. Chantal,

a local animal rescuer, decided to contact the Chatons Orphelins Montréal shelter in order to find Biglou a new home.

The shelter accepted Chantal’s offer right away because she had an excellent reputation and had assisted numerous cats by placing them in foster homes.

Celine Crom, the shelter’s founder, went to the veterinary clinic to analyze the small cat’s behavior and immediately detected something odd about him.

When Biglou approached the kitten, she was cross-eyed but staring in her way, and he began caressing her face as though he was trying to say hello.

“From the beginning, he was a love bug, nice and sociable.”

Two shelter volunteers welcomed him into their loving home after the vets confirmed his good health. Biglou was picked up by Marie-Lyne and Lucie and taken to his new home, where he instantly settled in and felt at ease.

Celine had this to say:

“He claimed ownership of the master bed and sofa.”

Since then, the panther cat has followed his guardians about the home, wanting to know what is going on around him and not missing anything.

He is extremely affectionate and connected to his people, who even open the room doors for him, and if they do not, he screams for them to open.

Although his averted sight makes him clumsy, this does not prevent him from climbing, sprinting, or doing anything else like any other cat.

Celine continued:

“He’s a boisterous, curious little guy who can’t seem to quit playing.”

Biglou’s foster family is aware of his high energy level, so they devised a plan to help him release some of it.

They decided that getting him a harness would be the best answer, so they could take him for a stroll at a local park and spend the afternoon with him.

Biglou can quietly explore new places while they appreciate the fresh air and all the fascinating fragrances that surround them.

Celine expressed herself as follows:

“With her host family, Biglou enjoys visiting to the park. He plays with them like a dog and likes all of the exciting activities.’

The cute cross-eyed kitten now enjoys many comforts in his loving new foster home after a difficult start in life. Biglou has the life he deserves, but he is ready to begin a new chapter in his life with a family that will be there for him forever.


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