A Mud-Covered Puppy is Found on a Construction Site; Driver is Surprised to Find Out It was a Golden Retriever Puppy

A puppy covered in mud was seen sitting in the middle of the road on a construction site. Whether it did or didn’t see the excavator truck approaching, the puppy just sat still, blocking its way. It also didn’t show any signs of being scared of the enormous vehicle. The excavator teamster started scolding the … Read more

Inseparable Saint Bernard Brothers Are Dumped At Shelter – Now They’re Trying For Endlessly Residence

St. Bernards are arguably various the foremost lovely canine on this planet, however folks don’t discriminate when it includes dumping their pets on the shelter. The trio of Saint Bernard brothers, named Gunther, Goliath, and Gasket had been heartlessly left on the Edmonton Humane Society, and it immediately turned obvious that the brothers would not … Read more