After wandering the streets for years, a cat joyfully rolls around in front of the people who gave him a loving home.

A cat rolled around in front of the people that took him in after years wandering the streets.

A tomcat lovingly named Chubby Hubby had lived on the streets of a small town for many years. “He was a man about town who was being fed at several different houses,” Sarah MacLeod of Exploits Valley SPCA told Love Meow.

Earlier this year, Hubby was spotted in rough shape and needed immediate medical attention. He was completely drenched from the rainstorm, covered in battle scars, and walking around with a limp.

He was brought into Exploits Valley SPCA for help. “Hubby was so nervous when he first arrived but it didn’t take long to win him over.”

As soon as he decided to accept being petted, his demeanor shifted and he began to relax. With plenty of treats and a few days catching up on lost sleep, Hubby felt new and refreshed.

He would chirp and rumble whenever staff came to visit him, and seek their attention and a few snacks.

“He was quick to purr and gobbled the treats like there was no tomorrow. He has the cutest little squawk meow that makes it hard not to do whatever he asks.”

His right hind leg has an old injury that has healed up on its own, leaving him with a bit of a limp. “Hubby says it only adds to his character and ability to get extra treats.”

Katherine, a volunteer of the rescue, heard that Hubby needed a foster home and knew she had to help.

“As soon as I brought him home, I settled him into my spare room downstairs. He had a full room to himself and a big queen-sized bed. Hubby had spent most of his time as a tomcat, so I knew it would be slow and steady,” Katherine told Love Meow.

Soon Katherine discovered that Hubby preferred being petted on his own terms and that yummy cat treats were the way to his heart.

“He’d like for me to wait til he decided he wanted some attention before he’d come rub against my arm or my leg.”

Hubby warmed up to his foster family and showed more trust and affection to their presence each day.

“He stopped running away from the door when I entered and started greeting me. He’s learned that if he meows (or chirps) loud enough, someone will open the door and give him some attention.”

Hubby’s coat was scruffy after years braving the elements of the outdoors. Around two months into foster care, as Hubby was coming out of his shell, Katherine tried to brush him.

She hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. To her surprise, Hubby adored it so much that he melted into a rumbly mush. “He lay down, rolled over and soaked it all up. And what a brushing he received.”

“He began putting his paw on my hand and kneading it, and I suddenly became his comfort,” Katherine shared.

He can be very vocal and “opinionated” at times and isn’t shy of showing his cattitude every now and then, but Hubby always offers the sweetest cuddles if you take the time to sit next to him.

Hubby has grown to revel in his new life as an indoor cat, and his personality is shining through.

The tabby boy is intrigued by the bathroom and everything in it. Privacy is out the window as he struts in and starts supervising his humans’ every move.

“He likes to watch the toilet water being flushed and he always watches my son in the bath tub, standing with two paws on the tub’s edge. He really is so precious and attentive.

“Despite Hubby’s bad leg, he still gets around like a champ. He hops on and off the bed, and has no trouble with stairs.”

“Hubby is a true example that stray cats can trust and love.”

All he needed was a little more time and patience and someone who believed in him and would ride out this journey alongside him.


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