After the orange cat was rescued, he tried to please everyone to stay in his new home

Although cats do not have the rich emotions of humans, they also know who treats him well and who treats him badly.

Kēnya from Denver, Colorado is a pet groomer. One day, an old customer came to her shop with a little orange cat.

I thought the customer wanted to groom the cat, but the customer asked Kēnya, “Do you know where to adopt a kitten?”

It turned out that the kitten was found by the guests in their yard. Although he wanted to adopt a kitten, he had to come to Kēnya for help because he was allergic to cats.

Kēnya temporarily accepted the kitten. After inspection, there is no data chip on the kitten. Kēnya had to search the Internet and post to see if anyone had lost a cat.

At the same time, Kēnya drove to find the kitten and went around a few times to see if there was any missing cat poster.

However, despite many efforts, no one came to claim this kitten. That night, Kēnya took the kitten home.

Kēnya and her family hope to find a good home for the kitten, so they decided to take the cat to the rescue team the next day. However, the kitten has his own ideas.

Although it was the first time to come to Kēnya’s house, the little orange cat seemed to know his situation. It is very friendly to get close to every member of the family, and wants to be recognized by everyone.

Although in most cases, the joining of new members requires a break-in period, the puppies Edward and the orange cat of the Kēnya family are almost “love at sight”.

They behaved like long-lost brothers, and soon began to snuggle up, just want to stay next to each other.

The other orange cat in Kēnya’s family also plays the role of the big brother, taking care of the kitten like his own child.

Kēnya saw that these little guys had established a relationship in such a short period of time, and she couldn’t bear to send the little orange cat away.

Perhaps this is all destined. A few weeks later, Kēnya’s online following posts about lost pets remained unrecovered.

At this time, the relationship between Kēnya’s family and the little orange cat has deepened, and her daughter has already named the little orange cat “popsicle”.

Therefore, it is natural for everyone to make the kitten a permanent member of the family.

Since then, Popsicle no longer has to worry about living without a home.

It goes out for a walk with the dog every day, and plays and snuggles at home when not going out.

It doesn’t matter if he shares a rice bowl with Brother Orange Cat. The two little guys never fight.

When it sees the owner being free, it snuggles up next to the owner. It likes to be hugged by its owner and never makes noise.


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