Abandoned dog agrees to be rescued only if they also bring her friend

Rescuing abandoned dogs is not always an easy task! They generally flee from human contact due to the bad treatment they received.

This was the case of a German shepherd dog who was wandering through the woods but who, after days of hard work by a rescuer, had a happy ending with a double surprise.

Judy Obregon, founder of the organization The Abandoned Ones (TAO) , was notified about a dog that was walking aimlessly in the vicinity of the forest of Echo Lake Park, in Fort Worth, Texas. When she arrived at the scene and managed to locate the dog, she could not approach it immediately because she was very scared.

“In order to capture them, I have to become a stray dog,” Obregon told INSIDER. “So I live their lives… I can’t go and catch her, so you start studying every routine.”

“She was looking at me like she was terrified, but she was thinking. She wondered, do I trust this woman? She is giving me food,” Obregon said of the dog.

It took several days of insistence and a lot of patience on Judy’s part to gain the trust of the scared little dog she named Iris. She explained in a Facebook post what her method was:

“I told him the same thing every day so that he would know my voice and trust that one day his life would change,” adding that “it is very gratifying when we can change a frown and the fear they have, for a smile.”

an unexpected guest

Soon they became good friends, and when Judy’s truck pulled up, Iris would run because she knew she was bringing her a delicious meal.

But on one of the many visits, Iris ran into the forest as if she wanted to show him something and, oh surprise! It turned out that there was another dog, a pit bull, who was also afraid of approaching people, and also had various injuries on his face.

It will always be a mystery how Iris and her friend, whom they named Clover, met. What is certain is that these abandoned puppies took care of each other, and that Iris made sure that Clover received the same attention that her friend Judy gave her.

“It was almost like she [the German shepherd] was like, okay, you’re going to take me, but you’re going to take him [the pit bull], too. This is my friend, he has been protecting me,” Obregon explained to INSIDER.

double rescue

But the rescuer’s patience finally paid off. After several days, Obregon felt in his heart that it was time to take both furry ones. For that last step, Clover played a huge role.

“There’s a part where he’s ready to go, and he turns around and looks at her, and it’s almost like he’s like come on, he’s going to take me too, he’s going to take both of us, come on, what? Are you waiting?” Obregon said.

That was how Obregon went to look for a dog but came back with two. After a thorough evaluation of their physical condition, he took them to his animal rescue center where they were given the best care while they got used to interacting with people.

The team made sure that Iris and Clover went to homes that matched their character and emotional needs; for Iris a calm environment and for Clover a fun home.

Obregon commented on Iris’s preferences in an update on the puppies: “She likes to be bathed, brushed and even does little dances (…) Some would think that due to the fear she had, it would take months to recover… This is proof that is not the case for all stray dogs.”

For her part, Clover had other needs, a TAO volunteer explained to The Dodo: “Clover is actually my personal adoptee. He is friends with dogs, cats and children.

a true home

Thanks to Obregon’s love for street animals and Tao’s staff, Iris and Clover are each in their forever home, perfectly adjusted and loved.

“It is amazing when you realize that they know that you are there to help them, once in your arms (…), it is a totally different story,” Obregon wrote on Facebook, adding: “Never doubt that you cannot change that fear; your determination, patience, FAITH… is the key to their happiness”.


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