A Miracle For A Cat Who Found Two Sets Of Kittens: Finally, Her Dream Comes True And She’s Overflowing with Happiness.

Earlier this year, Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles learned about the plight of a mother cat and her eight kittens from two separate litters. The rescue was able to intercept and take in the family of nine before they would have ended up in the shelter.

The calico named Tangerine was just under one year old and needed a lot of help. “We got the mom with two sets of four at different ages, all nursing,” Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

The young mom was spread pretty thin trying to feed eight very hungry mouths. Volunteers started supplementing the older kittens, so Tangerine could concentrate on feeding her four demanding 10-day-old babies.

“They did great for a couple of weeks until she ran out of milk. We had already been helping them and providing meals, so it was an easy transition,”

Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.
All the kittens were being bottle-fed around the clock while momma Tangerine kept them immaculately clean. She was so grateful to get some much-needed assistance, and began to spend more time with her people, soaking up the love.

When caretakers came in the room, Tangerine happily greeted them and rumbled with her adorable purrs. “She was so sweet and so eager for attention,” Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

“One of the older kittens started eating mom’s food at just three weeks old. Some couldn’t even find their own feet, but this little guy had food sucking down to an art.”

“It always fascinates me how smart kittens are. They pick up litter box habits quickly; they clean their paws, chase toys and snuggle to keep themselves warm.”

Cornbread was the runt of the younger litter and needed an extra boost of support to help him grow. “We have been monitoring their weights closely and this little guy stopped gaining weight all together.”

He was just the size of his bottle but was strong-willed and determined to catch up with his siblings. Momma Tangerine would cheer him on after each feeding, and clean off his milkstache.

Little Cornbread didn’t let his size define him as he could hold his own when he wrestled with bigger siblings.

He’s making good gains and turning into a stunning ginger kitty. “He is the sweetest little guy and always hungry. Once the babies figure out where their next meal comes from, we get the cutest welcome.”

Cornbread’s litter mates have started to eat on their own, but he is one holdout, insisting on getting his daily bottles. “Who can say no to these huge blue eyes?”

Momma Tangerine has entrusted her caretakers with her babies, and is ready to retire from motherhood once and for all. She has been longing to be the center of attention in a place of her very own.

This week, Tangerine had her dream come true when she was officially adopted and moved into her new home.

She is so thrilled to be a kitten again, getting all the love, play time and snuggles with her forever humans.

“She gets to have a family (and a new sibling) to dote on her now. She is so happy to finally have her happily ever after,” Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.


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