A little ball of fur finds his forever home and his heart overflows with joy and contentment, a true teddy bear come to life.

Jakob Wedlund is a cat enthusiast who was looking for a home for his cat Ralf, and that’s how they came across a fluffy and adorable feline in need of a family. When they first met Molle, the kitten, he was quite shy and reserved.

“When we initially met him, he was quite shy (due to a poor environment he was in at his prior home).”

Molle was a little restless in the car on the way home and cried a lot.

“When we opened the carrier, he jumped on mom’s shoulder and slept the entire trip.” He was now at ease and secure ».

Despite his shyness, the fluffy little cat investigated the area without straying too far from his parents. He cried as they moved away and calmed down when they returned to his side, as though he felt extremely safe close to him.

Ralf greeted Molle warmly and allowed him to climb on top of him.

“At least for Molle, it was love at first sight. Ralf’s hisses and growls didn’t appear to bother her at all. She went so far as to climb atop items just to run into him.”

Molle’s parents thought she was a shadow. The fluffy kitty accompanied her family on their journey and enjoyed being around Ralf.

“Molle is unquestionably the clingy one. She enjoys following Ralf about, imitating her actions, and cuddling close to him. Ralf prefers to remain alone and avoid bothering his friends, but they do play together on Ralf’s terms.”


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